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    This is the poem which I wrote to console me, as I am living with dearth of confidence.
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    Yeah!you can do it.
    And you will do it my darling!!
    Just don't stop,
    Keep running to reach the horizon.
    Don't stop,
    To escape from the hailstorm of the
    Don't stop,
    To get dragged in the puddle
    Of those criticism.
    Just run to reach your destination.
    Let those muscles of
    Your legs, pain.
    Let each muscle roar your
    Let the wounds, under your feet
    Speak about your determination,
    But don't stop.
    Yeah!! You can do it my darling,
    You can do it ..
    With each pace, let your breathe
    With each pace, let the
    Air embrace you,
    But, never stop.
    And let them laugh at you,
    Let them giggle ,
    But you have to give an elegant
    And RUN.
    Yeaah! You can do it my darling
    You can do it..
    Walk, run, sprint,
    Tear the wind, to reach your horizon,
    But never stop.
    You have to run,
    Even in the brook of those
    Tears of the clouds,
    Plummeted while seeing you
    Falling down.
    Let those brook of tears,
    Vanish your begrimed
    Palms and knees,
    But remember my darling,
    Never stop.
    And one day,
    You will be touching the horizon,
    Helios will shine bright,
    Focusing the glitter on you,
    And the air will roar,
    Behalf of you.
    And finally, I will tell you,
    " You did it my darling, you did it"....
    _ Nikitha Sharma

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    Yeah! You can do it my darling,
    You can do it