• iambri 5w

    I'm sorry

    I do keep run away and come back, run away and come back, it's like I play it as a game.

    But you're always there waiting no matter what. Not aware if I'm ever going to come back again but you still keep on your place where you could wait and talk to me again.

    I know, I was selfish. I was dumb. I was insensitive. I was impulsive.

    There are so many irritating words to describe me.

    I know all of that.

    I know how much I am such a dumbass to try to change my feelings for you, to try to forget you. and to try to decide for my heart to make it easy for me to handle things, but everything became more difficult to surpass. The truth is I couldn't handle things better without you.

    I'm sorry for doing that. There are excuses for that but I don't want to say excuses anymore.

    I know, it's my fault. I'm sorry.