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    Who do you think you are ?

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    Who am I ?

    People often ask me
    Who am I?
    A girl who believes in god and reads Ramayana and can discuss verses of Ramayana for hours
    A girl who flips her attitude and shows the other part of her personality being a plus size model,walking ramps !

    They ask me who am I ?
    Someone who still believes in soulmate’s and is still waiting for “the one”
    Someone who continuously swipes left, right , centre on tinder for meaningless flings.

    They ask me who am I?
    Someone who wears traditional and be very calm and composed
    Someone who wears western attire and slays with her cleavage.

    Who am I
    Someone who drinks wine whenever she wants to
    Someone who walks without stopping to reach 10,000 feet above ground just to get drenched and drink godavari jala!

    They ask me who am I ?
    They doubt my personality
    They judge me when I use swear words
    They judge me when I say “radhe”
    They love me , they are afraid of me.
    And they keep asking me , who am I ?

    Well !
    I dnt want to be the one who is confined to just one thing or purpose in life.
    I am someone who wants to live every bit of my life without rules , want to experience the good and the bad , I am everything that I experience. I am the soul that wants to experience this human body to fullest. I am me !