• jee_tu 5w

    Story part 3

    Sometimes he would forget everything and just walked

    mind blank, soul in coma, emotions deep under the carpet and he just walked

    being numb for a while was an art he had mastered

    like a dead lump of flesh carrying some blood inside

    this numbness...was it giving him a relief or was it chewing him raw from inside

    He didnt care, he was getting adapted

    When the fan in the room is running too fast, you cant see it

    When the turmoil inside his heart was too much, it ceases to exist... like it was nowhere and still everywhere

    at those extreme moments, the heart was pumping acid in the whole body

    corroding it, rusting it to the point of breakage

    just not enough to make it collapse..

    he never collapsed, he was walking in the company of devil

    maybe becoming IT ... slowly... turning into something entirely different

    the body has maintained the form, the inner self was entirely different

    Sometimes he would even meet that rusted inside of him in front of the mirror

    They both gave a smirk to each other...

    They knew they were far far away... no one could touch them.. no one could make them feel anything.. to be continued