• myloveexists 41w

    Theres always going to be someone to hate

    Mind soul and body
    I'm sometimes tempted by the devil so don't try me
    There are angels on both sides of me so the heavens can watch me
    While you feed into Satan's habits
    Like I'm focused on higher things so you can't match it
    Light or black magic
    You are pissed at me so you curse me
    Hurt me emotionally you'll have to give me space
    Cause there's so much a person can hate
    Feel my anger hear my inner voice
    As I make a decision that's also called a choice
    Blind are those who walk with no guidance
    They don't know what direction mean
    Cause they are more focused on cream
    Life can be wonderous depending on your mind set
    Be the best you can be
    See through some people attitudes
    Cause they might not like you but who cares
    Bare with me don't cry a tear