• shalini1801 30w

    It's been a long time I guess.Today I'm not posting any thought or quote or poem just my feelings which I think you people should know.

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    Many of you may have noticed that from past one and a half month I've been posting posts which is very different from the type of posts which I usually posted. There's a reason behind that.

    I was suffering through family problems, personal problems, and on top of that my inner was fighting with me and also add my bipolar personality I mean mood swings. It was quite terrible for me to survive but my friends supported me, so I survived.

    I'm feeling guilty for writing such posts and posting it on Mirakee, because Mirakee is just like another home for me, and I don't want to spread hate. Though I'm not going to delete the posts because many fellow Mirakeeans supported me through this time, and I'm grateful to them.

    You know from the past one month every night when I went to bed I ask myself "Why I'm acting like this?" I just feel so terrible that I started hating myself but thanks to God I gained courage.

    Now I'll not be posting such posts anymore. That old me will again posts some new thoughts.