• seeratmirrrr 10w

    Many people keep texting ,"sorry, I love you but i are not able to balance relationships that's why i am not able spend time with you". When you at the first place know you can't spend time than why are other people in your life? say a simple bye to them so that they won't wait for the one who already is busy with their special stuff. It's your life. No one is gonna come and balance your life. Learn to balance before it's too late .Put efforts to stay with people who you love and who love you so that you won't have to regret tomorrow. Most of the people who say I love you, I feel disconnected from the world because of them as it sucks to listen I love you from the person who never bothers to put a single effort to stay.You feel lost or you fall because of someone else as you are unaware of who you are. You keep avoiding the reality because you don't want to let that person go who doesn't care a cup . Let that person go who makes you feel unworthy in their absence . For me important people are those who love me not who I love. Value humans and let yourself get valued .