• aabanerjee 35w


    When I cried for the first time
    She held me in her arms and sung to me
    When I broke my first toy
    She bought me a new one
    When on the first day school I was weeping
    She promised to wait out the class room
    When first time I lost my favourite pencil box
    She bought a new one
    When I cooked for the first time
    And she ate the weird recipe and called me a chef
    When first time I fought with my best friend
    And she sorted out the fight
    When I first fell in love and broke my heart
    Her arms were embraced over me when all night I cried
    When I completed my school and went to college first time
    She was there when I was feeling nervous
    When I was scared from the darkness
    She stood out side the room and watched over me
    From the first time to this very day..
    She has experienced her firsts with me ..
    She has been there life a bed rock to me..
    Without any complaints.
    I get pissed, offended, irritated and shouts at her
    Still she loves me.. no other love can match the love of a mother ...
    She is beautiful.., she is joyful.., she knows everything.., she understands everything...,she is love.., she is happiness.
    Her day starts from me.. and ends on me.
    She is my Mother.. she is the hero, the secret guardian angel .. she is everything that makes the everyday life easy ❤

    P.S. To every Mom.. Thank You is not enough.. we owe our lives to you, for rising us, feeding us, pampering us, tackling us, believing us, teaching us, for each and everything from us firsts to our daily problems.. you have the power to solve anything.. loving us unconstitutionally.