• dr_jeya_varshini 6w


    From the vague filled very morning
    Craving for that special one's message
    In that well-known drainage
    Said to be as what's app, a secret footage
    To that dumb and tricky person.

    From the wonderful productive plan
    Penetrating to and fro of brains every lane
    Creation and imagination extends
    Where success is viewed as distance pieces
    To the lazy over-thinker.

    From small cravings in the mid-morning
    Refrigerator loses its strength and flexibility
    And moms are being disturbed
    For full-time snack
    Until television heats at midnight.

    From the most productive plans
    In the mid-March lockdown
    Which included far future plans
    Under the dark blanket
    In the very present.

    // Jeya varshini//