• pranav__pawar 30w


    I miss the day when I greet you with the same name
    And how we became roommates on the same day
    I miss the day how you played a song on flute and How can I forget the continuous torture by flute on us by you?
    I miss the days how you used to tell your childhood tales
    And don't forget the tease that we used make
    I will never forget the day when we used to wander around the campus
    And how you found out my boredom to sit at the one place of the campus
    I remember the day when you transferred in our room
    And the way you used to climb on the bed everyday With your body I thought you will be the end of Boru
    I remembered the day how we were late on the first day
    And your AIR that used to give me complex everyday
    I remembered the day when your father told us to take care of you
    Which I still thinks someone has to
    I will misss how you used to shout "Allah" in the blank silence
    And the averaging of the numbers for the speed of fan
    I miss the days how we became deadly rivals and
    Don't forget the way I made you clean the mess you gathered
    I don't remember how you became the extra member of the room
    Maybe connection with harshal n Ahmednagar helped you
    I remembered our trip to Kolhapur and
    How my whole plan was destroyed by you
    And of course how can I forget the deadly fight for charger at station ?
    I remembered the day when I praised you for the song you had sung at the concert the other day
    And how you asked if I even knew about the song
    My presumption about you being a jerk was strengthen that day
    Well I still thinks of you as the jerk who get influenced like a child my friend
    None the less you have proved the con you can be in the meantime
    I miss the days how you became stubborn with your broken leg
    And how you helped me with my broken mind
    I miss the days how we used to do jugad in our every mini project
    And asked the God how we three the laziest bums always used to get stuck in same group
    I miss the days how all of us used to celebrate each others' b'day
    And how you used to manage to ditch every one of them
    I remembered how u threw ur b'day party in Chinese restaurant
    And I remembered u didn't invite me
    I remembered how you too didn't come my party either
    But I remember that you were there in my hard times
    I miss the days how our thinking used to synchronized like the telepathy
    And how we never encroached upon each other privacy
    I miss the days how we never had any conflict in our conversation
    I miss the days how you were never bothered by our atheist nature
    And slowly made us respect you for your beliefs

    There's so much to tell, so much to remember, but i assure I'll never forget you