• footy_poet 30w

    Round 9 2018

    The Dogs go to Adelaide - the Crows should be raring,
    They should get the win - if no more hamstrings are tearing.

    Roo's go in as favourites - Giants are in a recession,
    Can anyone stop Cunnington from getting a contested possession?

    Big win for the Power, now off to Shanghai they head,
    As the Chinese supporters cheer for whoever is in red.

    Goddard struggled, nobody near him got tackled,
    Will Dangerwoodlet destroy them, or will they get shackled.

    Swans win away, but their home form isnt great,
    All eyes will be on Ben Ronke, is there a chance he kicks eight?

    The Saints limp back from the West, their form is far from great,
    Will Billings return to form and will Membrey kick straight?

    Viney is back, the Dee's youngsters are ready to glow,
    Do Carlton stand a chance if they can't field a Curnow?

    The Hawks dropped the ball - Sicily was fed up,
    Who will be victorious and win the Luke Hodge cup?

    The Tigers take on the Eagles - they head to the Western State,
    I hope Nic Nat's done his homework - and calculated everyone's weight.