• mmesomaanaka 9w


    There's a saying that what happened in this past stays in the past.
    What's done is done, move on.
    It's so easy to say, but so hard to do when my mind constantly replay scenarios that could have been different.
    If I had chosen this path, maybe my life would be better,
    If I had pursued a friendship with this person maybe I wouldn't feel so lonely,
    If I had talked to this person maybe a love story worth telling would have been at my reach.

    Never have I ever wished harder on a shooting star.
    Never have I ever prayed more for strength and hoped for a plot twist in my life that would drag me out of this dim standby mode I call life

    My petals have all fallen off
    But my roots don't want to say it's over,
    They are just patiently waiting for the sun to return.
    And maybe, just maybe,
    The sun will rise again and I would try again.
    ©Mmesoma Anaka