• chinu27 5w


    Is it a fantasy
    or a beautiful tale.
    Is it my imagination
    or hopefully a reality?

    Why does everything feel magical?
    Around me are the sparkles,
    full of love and hope.
    Ugh...... I feel so dope!

    I have a smile on my face.
    Even if there is no reason,
    the smile doesn't leave my face.

    The stars are brighter than ever,
    the night still dark like ever,
    but there is something new now,
    the Moon, with it's full glow.

    The Sun is more warm,
    the breeze so cool,
    I wonder when will I stop smiling
    because people see me as a fool.

    But let them see me as they want to,
    let them judge me as they like to.
    Because in the end,
    they will still do what they want,
    & I will do what I want.
    And so here I do it,
    I love myself like I should do,
    with no worries,
    & no care for bullshits!!!

    #pod #Mirakee

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    Magical Fantasy

    I wish it was a reality,
    instead of fantasy.....