• shegram 19w

    There is a passage in the scriptures
    that speaks of our tears being bottled
    in Heaven
    While this comforts me, I can't help but
    envision a room the size of the Pacific
    Ocean, sign on the door, "Room 1, Sheri"
    I don't think I cry more than others, I just
    know I have shed a ocean of tears over
    my 57 years
    I also think when it rains, it is the older
    tears being poured out, making room for
    fresh, new tears
    The bottles circulated so the new go to
    the back and the older, brought forward to
    be prepared for a good ol cloud burst.
    I picture a retro milk truck with a little dude
    rotating the bottles, according to expiration
    This is what gets me through the blue times.
    I have my own coping mechanisms! Silly?
    Maybe! But I bet everyone that actually read
    to the end, is picturing it right now!
    You'll never think of tears the same again!
    Thank you all for reading!
    Next time it rains, think of all those tears that
    were shed! My healing process!

    Picture credit to rightful owner

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    Tears In Heaven