• divyanshipathak13 10w

    The rain ️

    Today it was raining,⁣
    Not that it never rained before but this rain had a little strange feeling;⁣
    I found myself sipping coffee leaning against a railing,⁣
    She wasn’t home yet but seemed like no got any interest in caring………⁣

    Maybe she was with someone who is giving her the chills of paradise,⁣
    Later who’ll suck life out of her just like a little lice;⁣
    Who knows maybe she was with someone nice,⁣
    Who’ll cling to her how salmon hugs the sushi rice……..⁣

    Maybe she is just roaming on some street alone getting drenched in her all whites,⁣
    Taking a walk deep down her memory plights;⁣
    Who knows maybe she is in admist of some fights,⁣
    The fear of that cold night maybe is still stuck in her head tight……… ⁣

    Maybe someone took her into arrest giving her a temptation of shelter,⁣
    And then threw her somewhere in a condition of welter;⁣
    Who knows maybe she was unforcibly with a man who was about to feel her,⁣
    With a smart game in his mind to unnoticeably kill her…………⁣

    But she being my lioness returned back home,⁣
    Her eyes had a fierce look but there was something she went through all alone;⁣
    I expected her to cry but to my surprise there was no frown,⁣
    That was the day when I lost her and from wine to coffee just it all went down………..