• worthlessbeing 5w


    Rain pours down in torrents, tears streaming from the eyes of the ether, once started it is unable to be stopped.
    The tears keep flowing, heavier, heavier, drowning out the bright shine of the day, casting a bleak mood over the matter below.
    Who upset you so, to be crying with such force? Is there no one out there in your universe to comfort and console you? Do they see your distress? Do they care?
    Let me take your hand in mine, let me wipe your swollen eyes, give your troubles to me. I will carry them for you, unburden yourself.
    Let your light shine through, allow it to brighten the dull void that exists all around.
    I will sacrifice myself for you to feel joy once more, to see you rise, to see you shine.
    I will know the rainbow is your thanks.