• deepseeker 5w

    A battle to believe!

    Being human is an interesting phenomenon, it provides you with a platter of choices.
    Choices that will decide, what you would like or dislike for the rest of your life,
    Choices that you have inherited, without questioning, which could have been assumptions at first place,
    A choice, which will make you comfortable, surviving with a golden pair of hand-cuffs, overseeing helplessness, every single day!
    A choice, which will make you certain, that eating the flesh of a kind, and petting another of the same, is the way!
    A choice that will make you believe, devotion to the unknown, will absolve you from everything, because that is how it is meant to be!
    A choice, where you will grow to see, the very services of help you seek, will squeeze rest of the life out of you, with your permission!
    A belief, so strong, that will make us divide and rule the land, at any cost, be it life, money or peace!

    Let’s pause, and think for a second, if you are free to view the world, as it should be?
    Let’s pause, and think for a second, are we all, just in a battle to believe?