• dibblesdibbles 31w

    You Too

    You were always there but no one ever saw you
    You’ve been praised but you still feel so blue
    Did you ever think there is something wrong with you?
    Why can’t they treat you the way you want them to?

    You’re pushed aside like you don’t matter
    You were considered the one who is so much stronger
    Stronger than anyone one else that they didn’t bother
    To look into your eyes with tears as you wonder

    You push yourself aside because you want to give way
    You were always happy to make someone else’s day
    Thank you’s here and there, everything’s okay
    Never known about the price you’ve got to pay

    You were so busy playing tricks on your mind
    Were you really fine all this time?
    Do they seek for you just when they want your presence
    Or they seek for you when your kindness makes sense?

    You were always there but no one ever saw you
    But now it's time to live a life out of the blue
    So what if they’re blind to see what is true?
    If they know how to play blind, of course you too!