• selenophile__00 6w

    And then I met him ...
    I met him for he filled my cracks in a way that can barely be expressed ,
    He turned me to something I could never think of .
    He knowingly or unknowingly made me believe in myself again ,
    That I deserve happiness ,
    That I deserve smiles ,
    That I deserve my worth to me ,
    And that he's getting so closer .
    ( So closer
    So closer ) .

    I realize everytime he gets merrier a little more than the last time ,
    I feel that without him mentioning anything .
    I don't know what that means ,
    And right now I don't wish to know rather .
    I just love his company ,
    as he loves mine .

    We had I don't how many twists and turns in our lives by now ,
    But then our heads hit together
    And this magic happened .

    He admires me for all that I am , he hardly puts that into words ,
    But compels me to listen 'em in his presence .
    ( I really don't know how . )
    As I admire ,
    All that he is and wishes to be in the forthcoming .

    I don't know where will this lead to ,
    But right now , this very moment is all that I needed .
    Someone who listens to me ,
    Someone who tries and accepts what this girl conveys .

    He'a so much to explore as someone ,
    As a person ,
    Or may be ,
    My kinda person .