• ronvdm777 10w

    Childhood lost dreams

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    Childhood Games

    I remember when I was young and strong
    How I'd grab the world by its wrists
    And wrestle it to the ground
    Tickle it 'til it begged me to stop
    Never appreciating how strong I was
    Never imagining that a day would come
    When the world would reach back
    And break me as a man
    And the games we played,
    If that is what they were
    Would end, so that the sight of a child wrestling
    With the world around her
    Would break my heart and make me cry
    Because I would know that
    I would never play like that again
    Or believe in a world full of dreams
    And fantasies, happiness and joy
    But would wonder why I hadn't spent
    More time playing and less time
    Trying to grow up to be
    The lonely old man I am.

    Oct 2019