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    Chapter 6.1 uploaded
    Silence before the storm....

    Sorry for long and all ,
    Feel free to pin out the mistakes.
    I don't know if I will able to complete the story but I will upload soon to complete it . Its left upon you guys to like it or not .

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    My silent crush

    It was soon going to be one week without sana being beside me , it wasn't like sitting alone I didn't like but something inside me was eating me . I don't know even I didn't do any bad for her , I feel sorry for her . I think it's a human nature , if someone you know has been gone to terrible phase you feel sorry and think they deserve better.
    But this past few days something is changing in me too , I don't know . Its because rose is being far to me is making me sad or wherever I see my eyes find its way to Aaron make me happy.
    I don't know how it's started, its little confusing too . Whenever I look at him my cheeks always get heat up , lily lately telling me that I am blushing all the time . Whenever I am near him , I feel pain in my chest and so called bubble feeling in my stomach. I feel like to run away a mile but it would be too awkward. Maybe its because lily taking me with her in break time to chat with him . They both do the talking and I keep staring at him , I may draw him with my eyes close now . Besides studying , all I think about him . They way he talk , his smile ... his eyes and that god damn Adam apple.
    Oh god what I am even thinking about , yeah going out in the break time was a wrong decisions, I should deny lily this time or else I would go crazy .
    "What are thinking about , oh my your face is so red . Don't tell me are thinking about some naughty thing " lily told me and started to laugh a loud . " what stop it , I am not feeling well " I slapped her hand . She always find her way to tease me , " hey let's hang out together me , you and Aaron " here she go again with her eye pleading. " I can't today my grandparents are coming and you know how precious they are for me . I want to spend some time with them sorry " I smiled to her completely denying her ,i dont want to be near him or else i will go crazy.
    Yeah i probably busy myself with my grandparents, ahh her hand made cookies and cakes . This time I will make sure to ask her make me more before she go back .
    School ended and I was walking side by side with noah . "What happened with you now a days " he asked probably concerned about me . I know I was asking him few crazy questions now days , like why do boys are so tall , why do they get beard , why are they so loud and yes why do they have Adam apple . Yet noah silent replied to all questions with one answer ' they go through puberty ' . All about boys , he was sure worried. Of course the girl who never even look at boys , is now curious about them . "Can I ask you something?" I asked him "uhhh again, okay go ahead " he is such a cutie pie . I smiled "what do you think about your self , I mean how can you define yourself in words '' I asked. He signed " only one word simple " he replied. " how can boys be so simple, they are complicated " I said while pointing the truth. "Look every girl think she is simple, yet we boys find it complicated to know them . And every boy think they are simple, yet you girls find it hard to know us . And so there is complications all the time between a girl and boy " wow I didn't expected him to give a straight answer. "So tell whom you started to like mabel?" He asked while looking at me . I get nervous, my breath caught "what are you talking about , you know I don't have anything like that " I scoffed. " okay but if you find one let me know first, as you know you are bad at knowing a person " he shuffled my hair . Yes I am bad at knowing someone, and so before rose and lily came to my life . Noah was always there for me .
    But why do I feel uneasy about something, did I forget something?