• phoenixwriter 9w

    Painful Joy

    Dear reader please try to relate.

    Who's knows the fear of happiness,
    The fear of having what you want,
    Living a life of let downs makes joy seem like something only to be dreamed about
    When i think of what i have I'm happy it's there
    What if it leaves, leaves me in tears
    What if those I love, love me back
    What joy would it bring, my God it hurts
    Those who smile often carry pain
    The pain of "what is you're no longer here"
    Good things coming my way, as i embrace
    I hope it's not to shame, if you come guarantee your stay, or let me know when you decide to walk away, honestly speaking i wasn't born happy, now that I'm smiling i hope it's not counting. Again myself to end in grief. You're my joy, joy that gives me pain
    So i guess it's still the same