• renee_princy 5w

    This poem is about the dreams and wishes of every girl who wants to live with freedom and fear of danger to them. It explains the aspirations of the girl who wants to go explore the world and be what she wants to instead of being locked in the house. Every girl should support another girl to achieve and support their goals. Together we can do it. we can make this world a better place for us to live. come on girls
    #girlpower #womensupport women #freedom

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    I desire to be a lawyer
    who stands against sexual torture.
    I want to be a cop;
    who keeps women's security at the top.
    I aspire to be a soldier;
    who fights for the nation bolder
    I want to be a teacher;
    who develops a great future.
    I want to be sportswomen;
    to prove that I'm born to glisten
    I crave to be an astronaut;
    to prove girls too could go beyond the hut.
    I want to be a journalist;
    to be brave women who could persist.
    I do what the world thinks I can't do.
    I become what I respect,
    I reflect on what I aspire to,
    I can be anything I dream, and
    live a life that's made for me
    cause I'm a legendary,
    striving to make his-story into her-story
    let our battle cry be a victory.