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    we didn't drown
    (taekook one-shot fanfic)

    The Seoul sky is fucking weeping today.

    "Shit." Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. "Really thought I'd be able to put that tent up before the rain."

    Taehyung snorts.

    "What?" Jungkook hates being beaten. And the fuckin rain just beat him.

    "I see that crazy gleam in your eyes, Kookie. Stop."

    "Like hell."

    "Jungkook. Stop" Taehyung's voice isn't angry. Hell, looking at his face you'd think he is about to ask you to taste his bloody pies or something. A precious fuckin angel.

    But it fuckin unnerves him. There's always something damn fuckin unnerving about Kim fucking Taehyung.

    Jungkook holds both of his hands up. "Fine. Fine. Alright. Jeez."

    At that, Taehyung grins. He fucking smiles with that stupid boxy grin of his.

    Jungkook feels his own bloody mouth betraying him. He's fucking smiling back at him.

    "I'm starting to think you intentionally chose today for picnic-day."

    "Fuck off."

    "You did. Didn't you?"

    "You're fuckin paranoid, Kookie."

    "Every damn time I'm with you, something's ruined. What else am I supposed to fuckin think?"

    "I could say the same thing about you."

    Jungkook lets out a sigh. "Sorry. I'm a dick."

    "A self – aware dick. Not bad." Taehyung leans on to the tree that was sheltering them from the rain. "We're totally drowning today."

    "I swim pretty good." Jungkook speaks before he can stop himself.

    "Yeah, pretty sure you do." Taehyung stares at him.

    Fuckin unnerving. Kim fuckin unnerving Taehyung.

    "Kook-ah..." Taehyung's voice is suddenly soft.

    "Yeah?" Jungkook knows he's about to ask him some absurd hypothetical question. His voice is always the softest then. It's as if these questions are his most treasured possession.

    "....if the world was ending tomorrow, what would you be doing right now?"

    "I think you've asked that one before."

    "I know. Two years ago. But people change. And so do answers." Taehyung looks up again. "What would you be doing, Kook-ah?"

    To be honest, he doesn't know what the fuck he'd be doing if the world was ending. There'd be too many things and at the same time nothing probably. Which was stupid. But he knows he has to answer something. Kim fuckin unnerving Taehyung always needs an answer.

    "Play Overwatch...?"

    Taehyung chuckles. "That's the same answer you gave last time."

    "Oh-wow." Jungkook runs a hand through his hair again. "Guess I'm still that same immature paranoid kid from Busan, huh?"

    "Well, if it's any consolation, you could've gone worse."

    "You're still fuckin weird too."

    "And you still totally dig it too." Taehyung takes his tongue out and licks at the empty space.

    "You're so disgusting, Tae."

    Taehyung takes a step forward. "Still such a prude too, my guggie bwaby."

    "Tae, no." Jungkook takes a step back.

    Taehyung takes another step forward.

    "Fuck you." With that, Jungkook runs out in the rain.

    Taehyung runs after.

    Taehyung is laughing too loud, and Jungkook keeps on almost crashing onto the trees.

    "I fuckin hate you, Kim fuckin Taehyung."

    "For someone so prude, you do use fuckin a lot."

    "Fuck you."

    "I hope you do."

    "Tae, stop, please, really, I'm all wet."


    This one's definitely on him.


    And that's all Kim fuckin unnerving Taehyung says.

    But thankfully he stops chasing him.

    Taehyung turns around and starts walking towards one of the bigger trees.

    When they reach the tree, Jungkook turns toward Taehyung. "You're really not chasing me anymore?"

    Taehyung turns around slowly. There's a weird smile on his face.


    For a second, Jungkook wishes Taehyung was still chasing him. He does not like this weird smile.

    Taehyung takes his phone out and his fingers glide on it.


    There's a ping on Jungkook's phone. An another. An another. An another. Taehyung is still smiling weirdly.

    Jungkook looks at Tae, eyebrows furrowed and takes out his phone. There are 17 new texts on their group chat.

    The first one is from Taehyung.

    winterbear -

    our kook-ah's no more a kid guys im cryin pls cry with me

    There is an audio after that.

    Jungkook plays the audio. ‘Tae, stop, please, really, I'm all wet'

    Jungkook doesn't care to look at the messages after that.

    "You're a fuckin asshole."

    Taehyung smiles his boxy grin again. "Kook-ah, I'm telling you, we're a perfect match. A dick and an asshole."

    Jungkook snorts.

    A dick and an asshole, he thinks.

    "Tae, I think I finally know what I'd be doing."


    "If the world was ending tomorrow."

    Taehyung looks visibly excited.

    "I'd throw a lasso around the moon and pull it down. I'll give you the moon, Taehyungie."

    There is dead silence and the rain suddenly stops.

    "I'm going to barf now."

    Jungkook looks up at the sky and chuckles. "Oh look, we didn't drown."


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    we didn't drown