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    @writersnetwork @mirakee #supernatural Chi is the personal spirit of a person ḿmúọ́, in Igbo culture it is this spirit which determines destiny. ... Each chi is personal and is in communion with and inseparable from the universal chi of all things. The high god, Chukwu, is believed to assign chi before and at the time of an individuals birth.

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    The Travelling Chi

    To the land of the spirit
    To find the key to redemption
    No admonition could stall us
    One last time we march
    To stop rash decisions
    Taken by our tormentors

    The creator has given us a home
    Earth is a great zone for us
    Humans are beautiful creatures
    Who deserves love and closure
    Abounding like the rivers
    Blooming like the flowers

    The vengeful sun spite at us
    The raging wind sighed at us
    Lightning danced around us
    Dust became our friend in our
    Journey to the land of hope
    Which we only search for a host
    To love and cherish