• chiromslaxmi 26w

    We all talk sense

    We all talk sense
    don't we really
    in our own perceptions
    how can we be wrong
    really this is all
    what we think
    we justify our deeds
    calling ourselves
    what not..........
    at least God is spared
    by some of us.....
    We talk so big
    never really meaning.....
    we talk of equality...

    (I'm especially talking of men)

    do we really mean
    what we say

    we are demons....
    in disguise of men...
    do we ever spare any women
    oh! We don't even spare infants
    beast we are
    even that's an abuse to the beast....
    we are even worse than that....
    at every point, we exploit....
    the modesty of women.....

    we call them bitches
    who created them.....
    tell me, once and for all
    we show then the brothels
    force them to trade their flesh....
    still we have
    those white collars
    around our necks

    God sent us on earth
    gave us the strength
    to protect all the weak
    instead we ourselves
    became the predators
    creating an inferno
    on this earth

    ever if you feel
    ashamed of your deeds
    seek forgiveness, from the one
    you ever ill treated
    though it may not be suffice,
    A repentance.......

    for all your sins....
    still it may reduce
    the curse you deserve

    May you be able
    to find peace ever...