• krutikamehta 10w

    Springs came, autumns left
    This lonely, dark path we saw
    Before us, which we mistook for being bewildering
    But which led to what one would always dream about..

    A toddler on his tricycle
    Astonished, scared to set foot for the first time outside
    Smiles as he rides, his little legs of fat working at the peddles
    Only to discover later that what he sees now as a kid
    Will be the only version he'll ever cherish and long for;

    A schoolboy in his uniform
    Hopeful, jocund with his hair combed up
    Ready for his very first day of school on his first ever bicycle
    Has a broad smile on his face, wind in his hair, polished shoes, ironed uniform and nothing to lose
    Only to go a place he'll always miss for the rest of his life;

    An alumni on his farewell
    Wearing a slick, black suit
    With some threads sticking out, but tucked right in
    For it's the first time he's worn it, although his great man had worn it in the past many times
    But, he sees with his welled up eyes, for the last time
    The building at the end of the road he travelled many times
    The path, made of coal tar but paved with memories
    The trees on the side standing high and strong, like he had always been
    But never once knew he'd be leaving something
    That felt like it would forever throb in his veins till he dies
    Only to step out into the real world, when this one was perfect.

    When old, he still lays on his armchair every night
    A glass of scotch in his hand, and an old record playing in the background
    With a dusty, old fashioned album of his
    Flipping through its pages like they were made of glitter
    And somewhere, if it smudges, he would lose it forever.

    The smile the toddler had on his tricycle
    The one on the schoolboy's face on his first day
    The path he fell on when he started walking
    The dull, old building at the end of it which has stood there for ages
    Call onto him as he dozes off
    And the music still plays in his sleep as he begins to dream the same dream once again...