• phantom_texter 6w


    Sing. Sing! Sing child. Such a strong testimony. Sing people! Sing your testimony. Sing for your laughter. I sing for my tears. Reverberate your soul into time. Resonate the emotions for eons. Hold the mic on the stage of life. Pray that you do not sing to an empty audience. Run the scale and listen to the applause. Wait for the brakes and find your rhythm lost.

    Sing. Sing! Sing lovers. Sing the lie of love! Sing to cover your betrayal! Sing woman! Sing to play innocent. Sing out to play damsel! Sing out to wail your destruction! Sing and pray the good Lord is food by the notes! Sing to cover the dirt that you are. While light is all I see. Sing to show me prostrate and defenseless. Sing to show me a fool!

    Sing. Sing! Sing audience. Sing for the performer who can no longer perform! Sing and clasp hands together without him. Sing to cover your abdication of Brotherhood! Sing in mourning. Sing the lower notes. Sing with head bowed. Show your respect!

    Sing. Sing! Sing all Greek tragedies. Feel the death of the hero. Feel the death of the clown. Feel the death of the villain. Sing the tragedy of them all for they all are one. And I am one. Sing to the silence. Sing to the tragedy of the closed ears that will never hear the notes.

    Sing. Sing! Dream. Dream! Forever on. Forever on. Forever on.....

    My song was beautiful. My song was true. Look what my song has become now.