• allbymyself 5w

    When I wake, there's a flicker
    Of dew outside the window
    And my mind is trapped in a dream
    You open the blinds, and I
    See a sword flying across the meadow
    And then I hear a scream.

    Your eyes, they speak a tongue
    I know like the back of my hand
    You never could lie to me
    The four walls, they are closing in
    So we walk on damp moss, count the sand
    Count the waves, beyond the sea.

    Your words fall like spitfire, as
    You paint a cross to keep your faith
    I can taste the despair on your face
    You are desperate, but you forget so am I
    We are amidst a war, yet so far from death
    Living in a time warp, apathetic towards grace.

    Your​ heart is cold as ice, burns like the sun
    It lives between poems to mask the pain
    Until one fine day you slip away
    Leaving behind memories and a trace of love
    I pray to the skies to halt the rain
    Your​ voice is an echo, to keep the blues at bay.

    - Avitaj

    @accismus @despair

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    Time Warp

    All that you rely on
    And all that you can fake
    Will leave you in the morning
    And find you in the day.

    - In My Veins, Andrew Belle