• favourizky19 6w


    Apathy, Anarchy, Chaos, Hate
    Bellicose tendencies shown by the Amazulu's
    The whole world watches
    Africa at the forefront
    Africa is now a warzone

    Cannibalism has crept into their minds
    These 5 days has made me older thinking of my brothers and sisters
    I have grown more grey hairs in 5 days than my entire life
    Thinking as they cling onto the rope of hope
    Oh! Sweet mother Africa
    Savage Swahili speaking nation
    An ant looking to rock feathers with the eagle
    How the mighty have fallen
    Perpetuating crimes against Humanity
    Your cowardice has led many to the great beyond

    We can no longer swim
    For our waters are unclean
    Our river is filled with blood
    Africa rains blood
    Their fears could be heard from a mile as they ran
    Heart pounding
    Running the race of their lives
    Running from the anger of an embittered brother
    Oh! Judas has betrayed us
    They have bit off the hand that fed them
    Genocide, Mutilation
    Oh! Africa what has become of you
    Mother Africa wails
    Sad songs of SOWETO
    I am so sad writing this
    Say no to Afrophobia
    Say no to Homophobia
    Say no to Xenophobia