• anuprekshajain 6w


    "Don't be fooled just because someone is nice to you at first". An excerpt taken from the book.
    Umm so this one line took me into a deep pensive because I personally feel, this is something what happens with us most of the times. People's one of kinda 'gracious' attitude compel us to adore them. When you first encounter with them, they greet you with enthusiasm, flash a dashing smile your way and appear genuinely interested in you. They may flatter you with a compliment or by showing a fake concern. Once the conversation is rolling, you are enchanted by the spell they bind because its the best suited to be a perfect fit. But the question is how long their kindness lasts?
    As the days goes on, they find ways to stay away from you, to ignore you, and in the process, they call occasionally or text rarely and always come up with their so called 'busy' excuse. They leave you with so many unexplained questions. My dear, may be they get bored or they find someone new to fool around.
    The truth is you can't figure out somebody in just few days or few meets. You get to know people when you talk to them, when you hangout with them, when you have conversations, when you continue to stay with them. And the worst part is sometimes, even after years you don't get to know the 'real' them. Because people turned out to be everything they once said not to.
    Everyone you call 'your friend' is not your friend, truly. May be, they are good at showing off. Real is rare and you cannot trust somebody just they are pretending to be. Since you never know what's going on in their mind or heart. Most people in life are only visitors. And you must learn to know when it is time to call it a day, and walk away.