• ankitarani_ 10w

    My confession

    In all our time together
    You have come to mean so much to me
    There are the time, When we need to talk,
    yet the words never come..
    There are the time,When we need to understand
    Yet we don't know always how.
    But now you come to mean so much to me
    You are my best friend,
    My life my dreams everything,
    You make me laugh when i want to cry.
    Make me smile when i want to glare.
    Make me live when i want to die.
    You turn my life upside..
    You believe on me when no one does..
    You are my today, tomorrow and forever
    Whenever you call my name i blushes,
    Everyone around us know how much we care each other But both of us always ignored this

    Now my love are uncontrollable..
    My feelings are unstoppable..
    There cant be a day without thinking about you
    Without you my heart cant find its beat
    I never stop thinking about you
    The sound of yours saying "I love you"
    Makes my heart bounce..
    You are always here to cheer me up
    Your smile make me forget all my pain
    And sometimes i thought where you have been
    Because i knew i had truly found my one and only

    I promise to love you for every single day
    And always there for you
    Now in my dreams my reality and my fantasy
    The fact is i only "love you forever "