• markusmagnus 5w

    Dark Temtation

    I'm thinking of the night back then,
    as the night sang his poems, when
    I saw you shape in the darkness alone.
    Curious my mind was craving for more.
    I stepped towards the woods, saw a face
    of a beautiful woman, lost in this place.
    Her lips, worth an ode, were red like wine,
    this thought capturing, you could be mine.
    Long hair, curly and black like a shadow.
    Were you a dream of the night or a widow?
    She wore a gown dark as ravens plumes,
    a silhouette, which in moonlight blooms
    came toward me, put a smile such lovely,
    a flame of passion in me, no more loonely.
    Hold her in my arms, felt warm, so secure.
    An embrace suddenly so cold, am I sure?
    I felt a sweet kiss on my neck, then a bite
    her face, pale and bloody, l'm part of a rite.