• akshayapriya 5w

    Those three words

    I just living under the three words after i met him...
    It was a rainy and chill evening at the birthday party. Everyone was keeping themselves busy at doing arrangements for birthday party which was going to happen in short. While i entered the party hall, my eyes were searched for him. As that was a party hall, everyone was engaged with different kinds of arrangement works. The party hall was totally cramped with balloons, mild music, crowdings and colourfull light settings.while my eyes started to capture him among that fascinated party hall, i was just stopped at one stage and stood spleechlessly as a result of schock and excitement...there i saw a bambingoes playing with balloons and perceievd him too amidst them... there, i actualized myself with squealed delight of very first tym...and that was my lived experience ...and that was the unmeant THREE WORDS...and i still living under those three words...❤