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    Traversing through the journey of life, one has to encounter both good and bad things. To procure what right is, one lets go of the righteousness which we ought to stand for. Another story of a soul, letting go off what's gone but still something stays.

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    Sometimes the heart screams beyond control,
    Trying to communicate with that old and that new soul,
    The old ones who were beyond being separated,
    The new ones who were yet to be associated,
    The louder those voices get,
    My cheeks my pillows get wet,
    For I can see my helplessness through that corner mirror,
    Trying to figure out the things any further,
    It's not a single entity which causes this hoax,
    The flames of each of which successfully melts the wax,
    Me there justifying the rights vs wrongs,
    Playing through the lyrics of the songs,
    There, me, searching for a soul to speak my heart out,
    To laugh with, to cry for and also to shout,
    But maybe the soul is too broken to let go of that pain,
    Maybe the soul is still waiting for that rain once again..