• justin3210 6w

    This world is filled with beauty,
    Which is marred by rage and hate,
    What can we do as individuals,
    To improve humanity's fate,
    Let your voice be a crescendo,
    Rising up into the sky,
    I know your heart suffered,
    Watching another innocent die,
    But do not lose sight of the ending,
    Keep your focus on the goal,
    Your message has to resonate,
    To each and every soul,
    Be peaceful yet powerful,
    Find strength in each other's song,
    Most of the world realizes,
    The difference between right and wrong,
    I'm sorry for your suffering,
    I well and truly am,
    But breaking into a Target,
    Turns your protests into a sham,
    Think clearly with your head,
    And not blindly with your heart,
    Lead by example,
    Not by further tearing us apart.