• grateful06 5w

    I fear if I will able to love you the way you deserve, will I be able to love you like this will be my last day, will I be able to love you to the brim, will I able to love you even when you are gone? I question my capabilities very often they come with my insecurities telling me the problem is me.

    I always believed, love can be eternal only between those who loved for only a few days and died together.
    Like this, I will turn the world upside down on the first day of my love, but the question is if it can be the same after 30 years spent together? Maybe yes or maybe no anyway I am not seeking an answer.

    You and me watching cliches together, we promised our love is living for each other even when the //other from each// is gone.

    While making such promises I question my capabilities.
    Maybe I will promise to write your name often on my notes
    Or somewhere else.
    To remind me to love you, to remind me you are the need, for my love to be eternal and alive.


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