• midoriy_writes 5w


    Pretty face,
    Head clad in a bonnet of lace.
    Mind filled with thoughts that bring disgrace,
    How you have managed to look so perfect has everyone scratching their heads.
    A word from your lips send everyone in a daze.

    Your innocence, a drug...
    You want it to stay the same , but you got no luck.
    Once lost, you can't claim it back,
    Maturity isn't going to cut you some slack
    All the time you look so polished,
    Trying so hard to conceal what's already been tarnished.

    Only if we could turn back time ,
    Wouldn't everyone be a saint?
    But this isn't the way it plays it's game,
    The mind is what it's aiming to taint.

    In the end it's all up to you,
    Do you seek the wisdom and truth?
    Or be the loud fool labelling the righteous a prude?