• mhandotom 10w

    A Gentleman's Tears

    Fake smile he posses. A hypocritical joy he adresses, Wearing pain from heart to soul yet in sunlight undresses not his sorrows,His actions betray merriment yet his happiness is borrowed.
    A gentleman's tears undeserving yet he swallows

    He swallows his pride for one's twinkle, for his pride is in his lovers delight.
    From dusk till dawn always on the wrong eating humble pie for his loved one's actions for hurting is not in his vocabulary apologies he should posses.
    A gentleman's tears a garden for others' contempt.

    He jokes, he puns for others enjoyment, yet Tears piling in the back of his eyes awaiting to flow at a later time, She shouts and curses, blaming him for her doings, he kneels and begs, holding her in his strong arms, a smile he wears for a kiss to give, forgivenes to ask .
    A gentleman's tears a hidden scene to only the few

    He bears all pain for simple a smile from your face. Bears no debt but your soul and heart,
    You will miss him once gone, for when gone his fave you shallnever see.
    A gentleman's tears once flows, never to return