• tragically_yours 9w

    #1 Daydream

    I woke up this morning
    With her in my arms
    Lying so beautifully
    With all her charms

    Her eyes kept moving
    Her expression kept changing
    It looked like a bad dream
    That she was deeply engrossed in

    It was unbearable, that pain
    I could never see in her eyes
    I woke her up with a peck on her lips
    She opened her eyes and looked at me in surprise

    As she smiled, I instantly took her in embrace
    I could never let go of that scared beautiful face
    She hugged me back tightly, like the world was gonna end
    She was my little world, it was never a pretend

    But suddenly the bells started ringing in my ear
    She was gone it was bright and nobody was here
    It was a pillow and not her
    I wish it was real.