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    Plz read it guys .. My half story 😌

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    My half story

    I was so lost in u.. That i was not aware what is between me and u .. Always denied and pushed u aside .. Then also you said you'll live by my side .. Was never aware for the love you had for me .. And when now i m u said u never had feelings for me .. Now u trying to leave rub some sweet memories u had with me .. Dont know why ? Now i want u as my friend or mu love but i want u to be with me .. Its sad but now i know u cannot be mine and never will be .. But i request u can we be frnds like we used to be .. Now i have got rehrets for what i did .. But all regrets in vain , you are out of my path and i m scolding myself for what i did .. I wish i could change the past and make u my future and my present .. And now i know u were the one who could make my life more pleasent .. I hundred times tried to fool my heart that i dont want u .. But now the cute and funny truth is that i cant live without u.. Not more but give a bit of happiness to me again .. Crying dyeying for u i am very much insain .. Come back to my life this lonliness kills me .. You also somewhere know nor i can and neither u can stay away from me .. I have seen the land i have seen the sky .. But nothing in this world is beautiful than chemistry of u and my .. I am writing and expressing what in ny heart i bore from dome past days on .. Cause i have realised the truth that time to say all this is gone .. I dont remember the first but u r my last wish .. And i wish our life our story will have a better finish 😕