• vivekbehera 4w

    She Is The One

    The night is done, the day awakens;
    All night distorting your simple bun.
    The yell and bawl with all their might;
    Lament my mind's heavy plight.

    My bed's springs weren't loose enough;
    To ride on your bodacious muff.
    The thing is you left the house shaken;
    After you said you were taken.

    The later I knew it wasn't the case;
    Cause I saw it , while you braise.
    The queen size bed and the fitted sheets;
    And firelight glinting through burning weed.

    I was confused whether to dream about you;
    Or to wake up and hold you.
    And I talked to her and she replied in silence;
    And it was time to have a healthy violence