• __swagatika__ 23w

    By unknown writer

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    And finally the day came with a bunch of happiness.
    Happiest birthday to the loveliest girl.
    Such a stunning girl I have na. See.. how lucky I'm!
    Seven billions smile in the world and still I love to see yours.
    And those sexy eyes.. I just fall in love with those eyes daily.
    Your red lips..not less than a blossomed rose for me.
    Though we talk less and still haven't meet but you know what a strong bond we have!
    Words can't describe how much I love you because I love more than you ever expect.
    And this love will never fade away.
    I wish the day becomes much more special for you and an unforgettable memory for us.
    You don't have any idea how much I miss you.
    My Barbie doll.. hope you get all the happiness you deserve and fullfil all the dreams which takes place in your heart.
    I may not always be with you but I promise I'll be always there for you..baby.
    You're the 'bisk farm ruskit' to my 'chai'..honey.
    Hope.. you'll realise how much important you're to me.
    My better half..meet me soon..'ye dard ab aur seh nhi jata'.
    Again.. happy birthday dhana.
    Love you to the moon and back.
    Happy 'mo dhana' day.
    Have a blast..baby.

    With immense love
    - someone..only yours
    Now & forever

    PS:- You know that I'm so weak in English.