• ablaze_writer 4w

    // Color of me or color of sin //

    I sit in the verhanda with dimly lit moon
    In the long I hear a train hoot
    The zephyr giving me chills
    Accompanied by Sound of claps and ringing bells
    With people singing in unison
    Praising their almighty
    Seeking permission to forget the sins
    And asking some strength to start new one I think
    To resonate with them
    I mix all the colors blindly
    Waiting for the outcome to shine brightly
    But all I get is the
    Just like the chaos of the inner thoughts
    Saying so much about us the human beings
    That each day there are million of sins done and dusted
    And what we all do is praise the lord
    To get a little more sinking time we have
    But as the days pass the tank of sin overflows
    Lord is searching for a new venue of hell
    Maybe among the mask wearing faces
    Which dwell on nothing but their imagination
    Of being good puppets and leaving some memorable traces