• sumaila 5w

    Only imagination
    When a boy was in the grave of his mother . And mother telling about no one is true in the life only some people are that who are not fake . And life is full filled with problems that makes us down but you are very brave to fight this problems.
    And you have the crown of blessing son don't fear from anything.
    A beautiful message from mother's grave ������������������

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    Sound come from grave

    When the sound came from her grave,
    Someone said that you are so brave.
    All the things of nature is not real somethings are also fake,
    My son, many paths are in life goes from lake.
    Life is full of creatures who tries to fall you down.
    But always remember that you have your mother's crown.
    Some people will come in your life like a flowers,
    Who will fill your life from perfume.
    And you never make these flower fade.