• athena21 6w


    Am that queer girl,
    The sinful weirdo your pastor warned you about,
    The black sheep of the family,
    An economic loss because apparently my unholiness is a big blockage to a major business transaction disguised as dowry.

    Am a moving reflection of my society's desires,
    Suffocating my true self,
    Leaving my emotions locked up inside me,
    While I let my heart bleed from the torture of depression, fear of rejection
    And all the unsaid realities of my life that I wish I could share with my family.
    But I know that I would lose them,
    So I instead do my best to please them.

    I want to be able to tell my sisters about this amazing girl that am dating,
    How her touch drives me crazy,
    And I smile whenever I hear her voice,
    But that is a privilege I don't have,
    So I turn to poetry,
    And imagine a world covered in rainbows.

    I am that queer girl,
    Who wishes society could at least listen to her story,
    Before declaring her the devil incarnate.

    I am a lesbian,
    Who is tired of putting up the straight girl act,
    Simply to dance to the tunes of selfish majority.
    I am super queer,
    And am here to stay so the world better adjust to that because this rainbow is not fading away.