• vaasuki 36w

    Dear Dad

    I am fine today and I know that you know the same. And here is my good night kiss to you , these are not just kisses dad but at the end of the day telling you that I am fine dadda , I am safe. But dadda this night will end in 8 hours and there waits another day. I don't know what may happen tomorrow , as always you may get your good night kiss or not , well considering the present scenario the chances are less. You know what Dad , I find the forest far safer than these concrete jungle. The animals much more civilized and dignified than humans. Dadda if something happens to me tomorrow, please don't make a joke of me by lighting candles on pavements and roadways, or seeking justice through social medias. Please don't let me be washed away as a fortnight NEWS. I am saying this because I am not the first one dad and neither the last. There were more before me and there will be more after me. And No number of candles or protest will ever make any difference. I LOVE YOU DADDA and I am safe today.