• asmita135 9w

    A little flame

    The words seem mute& silence speaks.
    All hope came to an end;
    though a little flame of inspiration still burns.
    Darkness is scattered all around
    And now a little flame lights itself up.

    Deep inside my heart a question arises ,
    is my existence like a flame
    or darkness around?

    Am I trying really hard?
    Or sitting calm on the ground?
    Flame is struggling for her existence against air.
    But I m trying to escape
    out of the problem
    Because I am full of fear.

    A little beautiful flame enlightened my heart
    Oh wow !such a great spirit she is.

    No worry ,no fear.
    Such a beautiful happiness of lightening the ambiance she wear.
    She is alone but always tells me that
    You need not to worry dear.

    I m here ,I m here ,
    Oh my dear ,I m here.