• devesh_yerrapragada 10w

    Death..Something to Ponder

    (Dedicated to all the Farmers, Police,Doctors, Celebrities who lost their life this year in what people are calling the worst year ever but I feel it is for us to realise the truth of life)

    Kobe Bryant, Irrfan Khan and many more
    who lost their life this year
    Heartfelt, Prayers to their souls !!
    But I Ponder
    They may be famous
    As I am saddened by the losses
    I ponder upon something
    That, they are no different from us
    We all have the same body meant to die one day
    The world mourns the passing away of celebrities
    But what about the people who leave every day
    Are they not famous in their own ways ?
    What about the farmers who lose their lives cultivating food for us ?
    And what about the sadhus who were lynched ?
    What about the sanitation workers and CRPF and Police
    Working day and night to make some people famous
    Why does not anyone mourn their death?

    But from these loses ,
    are we learning our lessons?
    In a materialistic world today..
    Atleast the way 2020 is going
    Are they not enough examples to teach us,
    Teach us that death is ultimate
    No one can avoid it
    And our life's are meant to
    Prepare for that moment of death
    By learning to remember the lord always
    For death is inevitable
    And we have to remember not only the famous ones
    But that even us ,
    Every single one of us will leave this body one day.

    And all prayers to every such one of us
    (no matter their status in life)
    Who are leaving our bodies this year
    In vicious times of Corona