• shravanik 9w

    Stay beside!❤️

    To the day when I was going through emotional turmoil,
    Suddenly my life felt null & void..
    Who knew, I'm going to meet the love of my life.
    I met a person with the same kind
    Who just wanted someone to love immensely
    I was on cloud nine, when I got someone as mine..
    We became each other's advisor,
    As our relation got old & wiser.
    Nothing but his hugs got tighter
    & Our relation got happier..
    I cheer all the days when I'm with you,
    The happiness i get, you've no clue..
    The times when we used to go to marine drive,
    The stars above us shone very very bright..
    The day when we shared a passionate kiss,
    Just be there for me & give me eternal bliss..
    You make me feel the power of love within,
    When I started loving your double chin..
    Let's keep a joke aside,
    And stay more beside!!